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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch from one service to another?

You may upgrade or downgrade your package once a month.

Is a Custom Solution more expensive than prepackaged SEO services?

Not necessarily, the features you need may cost less, and at the same time be more tailored to your website.

What improvements should I expect and when should I expect them?

Overall traffic will be improved after approximately 90 days, after Stage 1 is completed (unless your website was penalized). Our initial goal is always to achieve the highest positions possible for your main search terms.

Should I expect traffic growth from Google only?

No, your traffic will likely grow from a variety of sources. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Google+, Local ads etc.

Does SEO service help my other online advertising such as Pay Per Click?

Yes, it is likely to improve your quality score in Google Adwords and you will get more clicks for less.