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Yesup SEO On Top Of Google’s Real-Time Search

Monday, January 18th, 2010

As we’ve warned our SEO clients from last year that Google is changing their algorithm and they will now implement the Google’s Real-Time Search it has all happened. This change has been a dramatic change that we’ve seen from Google, which changes the playing field of SEO.

Google has now dedicated a great part of their page on real-time search, meaning that it will show all live updates across the Internet about the user’s query. So all the other organic listings might be bumped down to below the fold. For an example you can review Google’s video.

In a nutshell, for all companies who are working with SEO you should check your organic listing and ensure that you stay in the position above the fold that you are looking for. As for clients at Yesup SEO, we’ve pretty much have helped you to regain your position and things are back to normal for us now. Cheers!

Comments of How Google Caffeine Sandbox Will Affect Searchers And Webmasters

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Google Caffeine SandboxMany people might remember the famous “Florida Update” in 2003, during the Holiday season Google changed it’s search algorithm which cause a huge dispute amongst webmasters. Many websites lost their traffic ranking just before the heave sales period during the Holidays causing many complaints.

This year, Google will implement the Google Caffeine sandbox shortly after the Holiday season. This time Google is taking it slowly, rolling it out slowly to get feedback and make improvements. Google Caffeine is only implemented on one data center only showing up to a small percentage of users, so changes are not noticeable to searchers yet. This process will help gather further information to improve the Caffeine sandbox slowly. After the holidays, additional data centers would be added.

At the moment, there are many speculations out there but no one will the definite answers until the Caffeine sandbox is finally out. According to Matt Cutts from Google the changes would be the way Caffeine sandbox will index.

For existing SEO clients, when the Caffeine sandbox finally kicks in a drop in ranking will be prevalent. There’s no worries as this is the ‘norm’ when Google makes any changes. Our web team will be on their toes doing their research to get your ranking back up as soon as possible.

Comments of Yesup SEO own SEO Efforts

Monday, December 7th, 2009

As an SEO company, we know the importance of SEO in driving traffic to websites in general. As you may analyze your own website traffic you will know that most visits to your websites are done mainly by searches. As a result during the last week of November we’ve decided to also increase Yesup SEO’s efforts in reaching out to visitors in different areas.

As a client, I believe the main thing you look at in an SEO company is their reputation. If an SEO company can’t even get their own SEO ranking for their website up, how reliable are them to do your website’s SEO.

In the upcoming weeks we will be announcing our new SEO program, now offering guarantees to our SEO clients. In order to promote this and start getting more inquiries now we’ve decided to start off with these three keywords: “guaranteed SEO,” “guaranteed SEO service,” and “local SEO service.” Within the two weeks we are able to rank all of these keywords in the second positions of Here are the screenshots below (taken on December 2, 2009)for the above keywords:

Guaranteed seo

Guaranteed seo service

Local seo service

Stay tune for our upcoming new SEO program!

Our new articles

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

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Quantity or quality traffic

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Often when we create links on our website, there is an over emphasis on quantity over quality. Although it has been accepted that links only bare value when it shows up on Google, the inherent value of links from other channels are often ignored.
By carefully analyzing referring links from various channels, there are some surprising results.
Looking at the chart below, clearly Google is still the number 1 driver of traffic to my website. The number of visits generated from Google is several times the total combined from other sites. However, we need to look at the big picture. Although Google is the top generator of traffic to my website, it is not the top generator of traffic that spends time browsing through the page. In order to get people to stick around and actually look at content, group memberships and discussions boards offer far better traffic quality.

Source Visits








The above chart shows the source of traffic delivered to my website and the traffic generated is ranked from highest to lowest.
Although Google is the winner in this category, let’s look traffic generated where people spent a greater amount of time and visits to my website.

Source Pages/Visit








As you can see, the top 3 drivers of traffic are from group membership sites such as and Forums such as has also proven been effective in this category.
These 3 sites gave me a greater average time spent and more visits.

Source Bounce Rate








Bounce rates are indicators of people who had visited your website buy didn’t stay on. As you can see, the 2 sites with the lowest bounce rates are from group membership and discussion sites.
Instead of looking how Google can generate more traffic for you. A better indicator of traffic quality is the amount of the time spend and the number of visits to your website.
By analyzing the data this way, you can begin to see the power of group membership and discussion board sites. The actions you make/contribute on these channels can directly influence the flow of traffic generated to your website.
This is just one example of how quality traffic can be generated to you website. By actively participating on group membership and discussion boards, you can directly influence the traffic flow. As mentioned before, this is actually quality traffic where people spent a greater amount of time and visits.

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